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Hi! My name is Joanne and I started this as a way to help others around me to get organized by offering quality, minimalist essentials that people will feel good about owning.

I started this business to help others around me. I was surrounded by students; some who did not care about stationery and others who were stationery freaks.

Nowadays, I am surrounded by smart and purpose-driven entrepreneurs that are working from home. They feel that working at home is fun, freeing and very productive. But sometimes, they need some air and pay for co-working spaces or go to a coffee shops when they can perfectly feel good at home.

This is why I created Minima Basics. To offer the minimalist essentials for people to organize their desk in the way they really want. Without a good organizing system, people can feel lost, take more time to think, feel less inspired and less sophisticated.

What is the difference with a crowded working space at the library or a coffee shop? Why do people need to get ready and go out, wasting their time to just go outside to work when they can work peacefully with the resources they already have?

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Minima Basics has a mission to help young, purpose-driven female entrepreneurs to stop feeling overwhelmed and start feeling inspired working from home. 

We believe in helping to design a perfect working environment in order to maximize productivity so you can start getting more work done.

To be able to fully work and function, people need to have a mindset clear of distractions in order to maximize productivity, stay motivated and feel inspired.

We also believe your home can be designed in a way where people don't have to leave their homes just to get work done when their room is the perfect setting.

Why go to expensive co-working spaces and overwhelmed loud & crowded coffee shops unless you have meetings? Even so, working from home could be a long-term financial gain for people who simply want to get work done without having to leave the comfort of their own home.


1. Products created with purpose

Minimal desk organizers that are specially curated for entrepreneurs that works from home. Minima Basics values the purpose of whatever you do. Whether you are looking to buy or to keep the potential clutter, you will know that there is a reason to everything you own.

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2. Products created in High Quality

Minima Basics has chosen a high quality acrylics so that it makes it feel luxurious while being durable. The reason to use acrylics is that we want you to feel that it has the luxurious feel of glass while durable like plastic! The exact baby between glass and plastic!


3. Products created for simplicity

Minima Basics means Minimal Essentials so that people get minimal products that fits perfectly in their room. The acrylics adds in the little touch of minimalism. We designed these products in mind that you do not need other products to organize and decorate your dream workspace. It fits basically every background color of a wall and desk, so you do not have to worry! You get to dress your desk the way you want!