5 Tips for a more creative life

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As we live in a universe where we think that everything is already done for us, we find it difficult to create new ideas and find our own authenticity. It seems like we are running to find success as quickly as possible and avoid failure. We are too caught up being worried about what people think or say about us instead of thinking about what we want, what makes us happy and why we are doing what we do. The accelerated rhythm of life and the pressure to follow others, cause big consequences in our creativity and the way we connect with the world. Now, imagine all the struggles that people who work in a creative field have in their daily life. There are going to be many moments where you want to quit but wait… You have a gift, creativity is art and art is a sublime expression of love which is worth being lived and transmitted. So, there is nothing to worry, but it is always good to have some advice that helps you exploit all your creativity.

1. Go on a simple trip

You don’t need to go too far, or spend a lot of money on a trip. All that you need isminima basics blog image paper plane leaving your comfort zone. Go and discover everything that the world offers you, taste new things, meet new people, observe and listen attentively, because you will find powerful sources of information and new ideas. Traveling can teach us so many important things, but mostly it is a way to find ourselves. 

“We travel because we need to, because distance and difference are the secret tonic of creativity. When we get home, home is still the same. But something in our mind has been changed, and that changes everything.”

–Jonah Lehrer

2. Get to know yourself 

Be patient, because this is something that is going to take your whole life. We are always changing, but we are always going to have traits in our personality that make us unique. To know you better, you can start by writing in a notebook everything that you like and you don't. Write about your dreams, your ideas, your passions and what you want to offer to the world. Treat yourself with love and see the failure as a natural and necessary process. Take your time to be alone and connected with your insides world. Creativity lives in your essence.

3. Take a break, off your screen 

We are literally living in the age of the screens, and most of us couldn’t live minima basics blog image bird in origamiwithout our laptop. But, when you are creating you need to feel what you are doing. The more you are using your senses, the best is going to be the results. So using technology can be great for improving your work, but before going through that, find a space out of the digital world and connect with your art and yourself. You will see how your concentration is going to improve and how fast your ideas are going to be consolidated. 

4. Embrace the failure 

Absolutely every creative must experience failure in order to come up with new and better ideas. You have to accept the fact that not all your ideas are going to be liked by others and that's okay. Sometimes, this helps us to modify, change or start from zero an idea which we believed was great. Failure can be scary but there it is the magic, it helps us to learn about our mistakes and see failure as something positive and that will push you to get the best version of you. There is absolutely nothing to be ashamed of, use your frustration as an opportunity to start again and expand your creativity.  

5. Enjoy the process 

This is the most exciting part! Don’t worry about what is going to happen today or tomorrow, nor be obsessed with comparing your work with others; only worry about being you and getting the best of you. Declutter your mind and decide what you want to keep and what you don’t. Be wise with the decisions you take and learn about your mistakes. Always enjoy the path with all its ups and downs, be positive and you will see how your powerful energy is gonna be reflected in yourself and in everything you convey. 

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Remember that a creative mind is also an organized mind. Grow all your ideas in a clean and organized space where you can be focused on what you do. Build a workspace where you feel comfortable and inspire to start an amazing creative journey. 

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