Daily Habits to Keep Your Workspace Clean

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Having a clean office space brings about many benefits and actually makes you more productive. However, not everyone has the natural habit of cleaning up after themselves or knowing how to maintain a clean desk. Developing this habit takes time and practice along with anything else. That’s why in this post, we’re going to focus on what specific habits you should be developing and how you can implement these best practices to ensure your workspace is always clean and organized.

Clean up After Every Work Session

Just the simple act of putting your items back in its place after each use is the best habit for you to build to ensure your space is continuously clutter-free beforeminima basics blog sharpener  and after every work session. Take 5 to 10 minutes per day to clear out all unnecessary items and organize it for the next day. The best feeling is getting ready to work and stepping into an environment that’s completely clean and free of distraction so you know you’re always starting off fresh. Aside from setting a few minutes a day to de-clutter, make sure you also schedule a cleaning at least once every month to get rid of the items on your desk that you no longer find yourself using.

Organize and Store Things in its Proper Place

Every item on your desk should have a home. Loose papers should be put back and organized in their proper folders and notebooks returned where they were taken out of. Pens, pencils, highlighters and other writing utensils should be minima basics paper pad blog illustrationplaced back in their associated pen organizers. Remember, knowing where to put each item is only half the battle so why not dedicate a specific home for them so no extra brain power needs to be used to figure out where to put them? That’s why we’ve developed high quality acrylic desk organizers to help you achieve just that.

Cut the Clutter by Going Digital

Let’s be real here. You have papers, sticky notes and to-do lists all over your desk and feel like you need them all. But when it comes to actually looking for the information you need, you’re scrambling to see which specific papers you took those notes on. Save your energy (and your space!) by going digital and moving all your physical paper notes online.

Find yourself a convenient platform or app where you can simply store all of your notes in one convenient place that’s easily accessible anywhere as long as you have your phone, laptop and internet. One of our all-time favorite tools is Evernote which does a fantastic job at helping you stay organized with your minima basics blog illustration ipadnotes. It allows you to have separate notebooks, create to-do lists, scan documents, perform searches and even read your handwriting if you wrote it out by hand! Having a paperless environment is the best way to cut clutter and promote a clean desk. What better way to do that than to start transitioning your note-taking habits to digital?

Knowing how tough it is to find the proper storage solutions for your workspace, we’ve come up with a brand new beautiful desk organizer for you to add to your acrylic collection. Check out our most recent collaboration with Poi and Hun and let us know what you think of our newest design!

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