How A Clean Desk Is Linked to Work Motivation

Blog post on how a clean desk is linked to work motivation

You have stacks of paper all over your desk, pens and supplies in a messy drawer, and crumbs scattered around your keyboard (a girl’s gotta eat)! Sound familiar? With long to-do lists and tight timelines, finding the time to clean your desk might seem like a luxury you don’t have. If you’re a messy one, you’re in good company. Big names like JK Rowling, Steve Jobs and even Albert Einstein are known for their clutter bug habits. But there’s a caveat. Clutter has a negative effect on productivity—something you don’t need when you have a lot to do. 

What does motivation have to do with tidiness?

Multiple studies have shown that messy spaces have a detrimental effect on us, causing stress, reducing our ability to focus and affect our behavior when dealing with others. One report even estimates the financial impact of clutter at 10% of a manager’s salary, due to decreased productivity. Given the importance of quality output, positive customer relations, and of course, the bottom line, this might finally persuade you to clean up your desk.

Start your day on a positive note

There’s a reason why design and decor magazines tend to feature minimalist spaces with clean lines and plenty of natural light. It feels refreshing to see an open room without visual clutter. In the same way, imagine settling into your workspace at the beginning of the week. Is it more appealing to sit at an organized desk or one covered with files, loose papers and work supplies? Mondays are hard enough!

Enhance your concentration

A neat workspace can help you avoid distractions and stay motivated for your tasks at hand, while visual noise misdirects your attention. If you’re already having trouble focusing, you might notice an unpaid bill in your stack of papers, for example, and decide to handle that instead of finishing more urgent work. Or you might see a receipt and remember you need to make a return. These thoughts disrupt your work and keep you from getting into a groove.


How to clean and organize your office desk efficiently 

If you’re new at this ‘keeping things neat’ business, it might be helpful to remember that it’s not as difficult as it might seem initially. Start with doing a purge—you will be surprised at the amount of stuff you don’t need. Recycle old records, throw away pens that no longer work, and toss any wrappers or packaging that may be sitting around. Now that you’re left with only what’s useful and necessary, designate a place for every item on your desk to “live.” Desk and drawer organizers can help break up a large storage space into mini-modules you can use to separate objects by category or function. The most important things—the ones you reach for every day— should be within arm’s reach. File everything else away in cabinets, holders, or boxes. 

If you need it, don’t be ashamed to make use of a “junk” drawer—everyone has one for a reason! Sometimes you need a quick catch-all for things that don’t seem to belong anywhere. Just make sure to limit it to one drawer only, and take the time to go through and clean it up occasionally—it’s not a permanent dumping ground!

Now, whatever’s left on your desk should be useful, streamlined, and organized, not to mention visually appealing! Then once all necessary items are chosen, desk organizers can be utilized to keep them tidy!


Keeping your work desk clean

Follow a simple routine on a daily basis until these actions become habits! Cleaning and organization doesn’t need to be an entirely separate part of your day—it can fit right into your current routine.

For example:

  1. Get settled at your workstation with a coffee or tea.
  2. Turn on your computer.
  3. Take your notebook or files from a desk storage box with drawers.
  4. Grab a pen from a slanted pen organizer—this type of holder makes it easy to see all your writing tools at a glance.
  5. Crush your daily to-do’s!
  6. If you take lunch at your desk, give your space a quick wipedown before getting back into your work for the afternoon.
  7. At the end of the workday, remember to place items back in their designated desk organizer.

Finding the perfect desk organizers

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