How to Create an Inspirational Work Space?


They say you spend over 13 years of your life working, and if you're an entrepreneur, you’re probably thinking That’s it? Maybe more like double that. When you think about the hours you put in, day in and day out, is there any better reason to make sure you love where you work?

If you work out of home though, it gets a bit tricky. How do you delineate your rest space and work space to get in the right frame of mind? Refreshing your home office can help create a functional and inspirational atmosphere to make things happen. Get those creative juices flowing by planning a mini work space remodel, to maximize inspiration, productivity, and get you excited to get down to business.  

Mood board it. During your next break (you’re taking one, right?), look up some home work spaces or check out a furniture catalog. Create a mood board of your favorites and check out what they have in common. Is it the color? The setup? The accents? Figure out the best way to adapt those elements to your space and make it your own.


Make smart picks. Express yourself! Don’t feel like you have to constrain your design choices—pick what you love...but with one caveat. If you meet with clients, it might be worth considering creating a harmonious image between what you do and how your work area is styled. For example, a graphic design business might decorate with bold, bright motifs, while a home goods shop might use earthy tones and natural materials to convey a sense of comforting calm. But if no one sees the inside of your office except you, feel free to go as wild (or not) as you want!


Give yourself something to look at. If there are specific codes, commands, or functions you use all the time, create a quick reference sheet and tack it up on your wall. Aside from just being practical, having frequently used info close at hand frees up your mental bandwidth to concentrate on more creative pursuits. Use a template (there are tons for free online) for better organization and visual appeal. If your walls are still looking a little bare, find a motivational quote or print some photos to remind you of what you're working towards. 


Good things take time. No one has unlimited resources. This might mean your dream work space is more of a work in progress. And that's okay. Dedicate a bit of time regularly to work towards improving it. And be resourceful! Thrift shops, buy and sell groups, or online freebies can go a long way when you’re short on funds. Bonus: you might just find this exercise in creativity helpful in jogging inspiration in other parts of your work life!

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