How to Find Motivation When You’re Just Not Feeling It—in 4 Easy Steps

Let’s be real. Sometimes life throws you curveballs and leaves you hanging with a tone of stress & anxiety to deal with. The first thing you notice is how it took a toll on your motivation and you’re not sure anymore how you can get it back. Motivation is personal and you’re the only one capable of teaching your mind the right way to find back your commitment into achieving your personal goals. You have to implement strategies that will trick your brain into finding back its way to your #workinggirl mode. To help you in your journey with inner motivation, we have compiled 4 easy steps to follow as a guideline to finding back your motivation. 

Step 1. Identify the enemy

The first step is to identify the source behind your loss of motivation. It will help you better understand what triggers you and how you can deal with it. There are many possible causes that may be the source behind your demotivation. It can be depression, fear, conflict, lack of clarity or even loneliness. Once you have identified the real enemy, you’ll be more suited to address clearly the problem and find the right solution to getting your mind back into its motivated state. Don’t be scared to reach out for the right help from a professional or someone close to you.


Step 2. Remember your purpose

Your next step and most important one in your journey to finding back your motivation is to remember your ‘’why”. What is the reason behind everything that you work towards? There’s something that constantly drives you in everything that you do and it’s also that same voice that lies within you that wants you to fight this lack of motivation. You have to clearly define your purpose and remember that it’s that same reason that will help you get passed this obstacle. Once you have a clear understanding of your purpose, you’ll be able to put all your efforts into it.


Step 3. Focus your limited energy

In this next step, you have to admit that you have limited energy and you have to allow yourself enough time to get better. For now, make sure you’re putting your energy into the right things and you’re not wasting it into unimportant things that just drain you even more. In this stage, you have to learn to prioritize and pick your battles wisely.


Step 4. Find out what lifts your mood

The last step is to be aware of your environment and identify the things that lift your mood. It could be as simple as an organized office space or your puppy that comes every morning to wake you up. Once you know what are the things that make you happy, surround yourself with more of it and take the time to fully absorb all the positive energy that comes from that.


Slowly but surely, you’ll find it in you to fight back the negative thoughts and gain your motivation back. Remember that it’s your own personal journey and the clock is not running after you. Take your time, learn to be patient and to allow yourself space and time to grow. Every successful person goes through different obstacles, but these obstacles do not define them, they only make them stronger and more equipped to deal with life’s curveballs.

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