5 Ways to Create a Workspace That Enhances Your Productivity

minima basics' blog image 5 ways to create a workspace that enhances your productivity

Is there a magic bullet for amping up productivity? If there were, it’d be in high demand. We’ve all gone through phases in our business journey where it feels like there aren’t enough hours in the day to tackle everything we need to do. And to make it harder, entrepreneurs often don’t have the luxury of a big team to help fill all the gaps. While there’s no shortcut to consistently producing more work in less time, making these simple changes in your workspace can help you stay focused and work smarter.


Make sure to optimize your desk and seating in a way that
reduces strain on your muscles and eyesight. Invest in a quality office chair that’s adjustable so you can tweak it to your needs. Your body should rest comfortably and naturally—feet on the floor, back supported, arms on the armrests and the computer screen a comfortable distance away to reduce squinting and glare. 



A fresh coat of paint in a soothing colour can help reduce stress and increase productivity. Opt for pale but crisp tones—light blues and cool greys are popular. If a paint colour change isn’t an option, you can still change up the overall feel of your office in other ways. Test out different configurations of the furniture to see if there’s a setup that works better for you.
Or try decorating your walls with framed prints and favourite photos to make your workspace your happy place.


You won’t get far if you can’t find anything. Your most important files and folders should be easily accessible, and everything else should be put away in drawers or cabinets. Save time by creating order out of your clutter and mess. You won’t need to waste precious minutes later on hunting down that critical contract or looking for your client’s marketing plan if you know exactly where it is. Minima Basics offers a line of stylish acrylic organizers that help corral your loose ends and display them in a beautiful yet practical manner. The file organizer, stackable drawer box and pen holder are transparent, so you know exactly what’s inside.


It’s a double-edged sword. On one hand, it’s because of the internet, laptops and portable software that we have the freedom to work wherever we want. On the other, it’s a never-ending source of distraction. If you have trouble focusing because of the endless stream of entertainment, news, and updates available at your fingertips, fight fire with fire and try out some productivity-enhancing apps. Some apps will lock down access to your social media accounts and browsers. Others use timers to gamify the process of completing tasks.



It’s hard to keep your mind on your tasks when you’re hungry. Your mind starts wandering, and before you know it, you’re already researching lunch options or wandering the house looking for something to eat. The solution? Try to have healthy snacks within arms reach. Avoid the addictive and junky, like a bag of chips you’ll
finish without even noticing, and stock up on food that’s good for you—fruit, nuts, and smoothies - nosh that’s filling and nutritious. Staying productive day in and day out takes discipline and focus. Putting these tips into practice will help make it just a little easier to keep it up regularly. 

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