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Hello! Welcome to Minima Basics. I am Joanne!

Thank you for visiting our website, we hope you find something you love. We sell acrylic desk organizers in the mission to help female entrepreneurs feeling less overwhelmed while working from home. We hope to help you, stay focused, motivated, organized, inspired and productive after you revamped and optimized your working space with our beautiful minimalist acrylic desk organizers!

We love acrylics simply because it is both aesthetic pleasing and functional as it is not easily breakable. We offer free shipping to our Canadian female entrepreneurs on orders over $75! We want to offer a place where you all can find solutions to an optimized work space. Remember, a clear space will lead to a clear mind! 

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Product Reviews

Being a creative entrepreneur, it is important for me to have a workspace that is organized and minimal so I can mentally focus and get work done. Love these 3 items, help me organize great and keep my business cards, my cables and many other things so handy in my office. Highly recommended!

Tracey N.

I actually used this to organize my skincare items. I decided to recliner and this storage box is so pretty and looks so simple. It looks great on my vanity table. It’s sturdy and high quality. I love the way this looks with my skincare essentials. I need this in a jumbo size in order to fit all my skincare


I really can't get over how aesthetic my makeup desk looks with this drawer; I use it to store my makeup products that were laying around. This product definitely helped me organize my beauty area while also making it super aesthetically pleasing:)

100% would recommend!


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