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  • How to Plan the New Month Ahead

    The beginning of a new month is the perfect opportunity for a fresh start. It’s time to take a step back reflect on what went well for you and what you should improve. And in honour of planner day, let’s sit down and go through what you have accomplished thus far and what are the goals you haven’t reached yet. To start the month of August strong, here’s a step-by-step guide to kick it off with the right plan.
  • How to Find Motivation When You’re Just Not Feeling It—in 4 Easy Steps

    Sometimes your motivation take a toll and you’re not sure how you can get it back. Motivation is personal and you’re the only one capable of teaching your mind the right way to find back your commitment into achieving your personal goals. You have to implement strategies that will trick your brain into finding back its way to your #workinggirl mode. To help you in your journey with inner motivation, we have compiled 4 easy steps to follow as a guideline to finding back your motivation.
  • 5 Tips to Better Manage Your Busy Schedule

    Sometimes life can be quiet busy and we can easily get sucked into the infinite number of  things we have to do on a daily basis. Managing a busy ...
  • The 5 Healthy Habits Of A Girl Boss

    February has almost come to an end, but it's never too late to quit some unhealthy habits and take our fate in our own hands by choosing to adopt the right habits. We've put together a list of the all the good habits to develop that will improve your life and help you become a total #GIRLBOSS this year!

  • Work from home essentials in 2021

    New year, new goals, new desk? This time of year is always the moment where we reflect on how the year went and set new goals for the upcoming year ahead. But one thing people often neglect is the importance of decluttering your desk as well as taking the time to find ways on how you can further optimize your productivity workflow. The pandemic may not be ending anytime soon so let’s help you take the necessary steps to ensure you’re working at your most optimal level for 2021.
  • How to Plan for 2021 in 5 Simple Tips

    The end of the year has finally come to an end. This year we’ve found ourselves being challenged beyond compare. As much as this year has been hard for everyone, it’s also been a major wake up call for many of us. Now’s the perfect time to reflect back on those challenges and ensure you set yourself up for success for the new year ahead with these 5 simple tips.