The 5 Healthy Habits Of A Girl Boss

As the month of February is coming to end, it’s time to run a real retrospective on the progress we’ve done so far in these first months of 2021. We made some resolutions in the beginning of the year and even worked on manifesting what we wanted to accomplish. Now, let’s check in on each other and start implementing realistic healthy habits that will help us reach our goals this year. Here’s a rundown of all the good habits to develop that will improve your life and help you become a total #GIRLBOSS.


Make yourself a priority

It’s so easy to get carried away by all our life responsibilities and commitments. As a result, we often forget to give ourselves the time we deserve to rest. This is your sign to start making yourself a priority by giving yourself enough time to take care of your mind, body & soul. Treat yourself, pamper yourself and surround yourself with the things that you love to focus on you and only you. Make taking care of yourself a priority in your busy schedule to allow yourself to take a step back and hit reset.


Stay on top of your game

Be proactive not reactive. With good planning & great organization, you can do anything you set your mind to. Create an office space that will inspire you to be productive with all the right organization essentials. Keep up with an agenda where you write down everything from meetings, to quick notes & important deadlines.

desk with agenda and coffee


Feed your mind

Inspiration can be found everywhere even in the smallest things of life. Make sure you are always on the lookout for inspiration and ideas that will feed your mind. It’s important to constantly nourish your mind with new concepts and rich thinking. Start reading more, watch more documentaries and have deep conversations with people around you on topics that take you out of your comfort zone. Allow your mind to be challenged & push the limits to your thinking.


Focus on what you can control

Sometimes we get overwhelmed and stressed by so many little things at the same time that we have absolutely no control over. We can no longer see clearly when our mind is cluttered with these negative thoughts. Teach your mind to focus only on the things you can control as it will help you have a more proactive approach to life.


Practice gratitude

It’s important to express gratitude as it will help you acknowledge all the beautiful things life has granted you. It will help you nourish a positive attitude towards life and keep you grounded. So, make sure to track all the things you are grateful for in your personal journal until it becomes a habit in your daily routine.

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