The Minima Story

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 My Journey 

I started Minima Basics because, just like you, I was sick of feeling trapped by clutter and distractions that were present in my workspace. Simply put, it was off-putting and totally blocked my creative flow.

After a few conversations with my girlfriends, it became clear that I wasn’t the only one feeling this way.

And so my idea-child was spawn; to create simple, modern, aesthetically pleasing home-office and organization goods. To put all of you creatives and side-hustlers in the right space to create… whatever that may be.

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 About Minima Basics 

Minima Basics is a female-founded company, created by yours truly. Whether you’re a fempreneur, a creative, a side-hustler, or simply a womxn who appreciates the importance of aesthetic organizers. Minima Basics has all the goods to get your mind on task, and the creative juices flowing.

Minima Basics offers a range of desk organizers in acrylics and marble along with other stationery must-haves! All of the pieces are designed personally by me, with deep-thought and intention.

I believe that your work-space should do 2 main things for you: Focus and inspire!
I want you to feel excited, and motivated to sit down at your desk and smash-your-goals!
That’s why all of our pieces are both beautiful AND practical.

Let’s do this, you goal-getter!

 Are you ready to become: