How does your desk cleanliness affect your business growth?


Do you also face the dilemma of having way too many papers on your desk? Maybe you don’t even remember how it got to this point. Every day you just place one paper here and there, and at the end of the week, you see that huge pile. It is not hard to simplify your desk area with simple baby steps. Here are our 4 tips you can do to make your life easier.

  1.       Tidy up with your favourite file holders. 

This iminima-basics-acrylic-a4-file-holder-organizers why file holders were born! Those A4 file holders are just simply there to help you tidy up and make your life way simpler. This is where you can get creative, you can name the folders whatever you want based on the type of documents (bills, letters, and warranties documents) that will be in them. Or I like to name them by the level of importance from very important to less important. 

  1.       Pile your documents based on the frequency of reach 

Some papers are more important than others, you may feel like these are the documents you need to come back to very often. At Minima Basics, we have some documents that are super important, but some we do not reach to very often because those are documents like warranties on my new phone or TV or things like contracts that have been signed. By using the acrylic 3 slots A4 file holder, I like to have my documents arranged from the left (reach often) to the right (rarely reached).

  1.     Go digital for certain papers 

 Another way to change the habit of always piling up your papers could have to do with you simply printing too many papers you do not actually need. I think it is important to use fewer papers more digital. We live in the world of internet, where clouds are very handy. But, we all know that papers feel better than an electronic copy. Things that I think can go better digitally would be invoices, planners, to-do-lists. 

  1.       Throw out old documents.

You do not need those old documents that are there for nothing. Some warranties that are from 10 years ago may not be applicable to your daily life anymore. Ditch your attachment to things that are just simply “expired”. Sort your papers once in a while (every quarter for example) and just make your life easier. Even if you have a perfect organization system, you may have to look at it every once in a while and ask yourself “Why do I still have this here?’”. 


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