Why Should You Buy Acrylic Desk Organizers?

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You may be wondering why we chose acrylic as opposed to glass or another type of plastic when fabricating our products and there are specific reasons for this. In this post, we’ll discuss the benefits of acrylic desk organizers as well as why we chose to use acrylic as our primary material when designing our products.

Stronger and More Durable

First off, what is acrylic? Acrylic plastic is a tough, transparent plastic that is the oldest synthetic material available in the world today. Made both strong and durable, acrylic is commonly known as Plexiglass and is popularly used as protective shields in ice rinks, large aquarium tanks, helmet visors, and picture frames to name a few. In short, they last longer and don’t wear as easily as compared to other plastics.

50% Lighter Than Glass

One of the greatest advantages and why many companies prefer acrylic as a material to use in so many of today’s products is because of its weight and versatility. Acrylic is 50% lighter and 10 times more impact-resistant than glass! That’s quite impressive. Acrylic would be considered the mid tier between plastic and glass.

Highly Transparent and Won’t Tint Yellow

If you’re looking for a desk organizer that looks like glass but is much more reliable, going for an acrylic desk organizer rather than a plastic one would be your best option. Another reason why we chose this material is because it remains highly transparent while also maintaining its aesthetic appearance compared to other plastics.

For example, when exposed to long periods of direct sunlight, you’ll never have to worry about our products fading nor tinting yellow. We kept this in mind when designing our desk organizers and made sure sunlight wouldn’t pose a problem in the long-term. We want you to keep your organizational tools lasting for years to come so you can save your money and use it for other things in your business.

It’s Easy To Maintain & Clean

Keeping your acrylic polished and still looking new can also require very minimal effort. As long as you are following best practices on how to clean acrylic such as using a wet microfiber cloth, blotting the material instead of scrubbing it, or cleaning it using soapy water. Other tips include not using ammonia-based products like Windex. This will prevent it from looking cloudy and allow it to continue keeping its clear, glass looking appearance. At Minima Basics, we designed our acrylic desk organizers with quality and durability in mind. In addition to a long lasting product that looks both beautiful and is of high quality.

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