Your starter pack on how to organize your workspace for optimal productivity


When it comes to organizing, it is not all about the actual action, but the attitude you put into that and the mindset that you have. You cannot feel depressed, tired and unmotivated when you want to organize. You know why? Because when feeling this way, we all have that tendency to procrastinate. 

  1. Be prepared the night before and wake up on the right foot.

Organizing requires your brain and your focus, so take a good time to sleep the night before and be prepared to get to “work.” Do your regular nighttime routine and take your time to relax, whether you want to do some meditation, bullet journaling or anything that can help to clear your mind. The next day, wake up by a smooth alarm - a starting sound that is gentle, calm and soft like a piano and then it goes stronger and stronger, so it gives you time to wake up. It helps you wake up proudly, confidently and motivated. 

  1. Clean your working space to only keep with the intention of only keeping the essentials. 

If you work in an office, everything you areminima-basics-acrylic-2-drawer-storage-box surrounded in reflects on your mood and mindset. Why not just keep it clean and simple, so you know where you need to get certain things? What are your essentials for your business to run day-to-day? A calendar? A planner? Pens? Highlighters? You name it! Do not just leave papers here and there. You can use some storage boxes to do that.

  1. Ask yourself some questions.

Another fun part of organizing, you get to dream, you get to think and envision, just like you envision your future goals and objectives. Think about what you want your dream room to look like. 

Here are some ideas: 

  • Do you want something minimalistic, colourful or girlish? Describe it. 
  • Now that you have an idea, how would you start creating this room? 
  • Can you use some decoration, some storage essentials or maybe use what you already have to create your dream space?. 
  • Lastly, remember when I say it is all about mindset, how would you feel right after you achieve this dream setup? Happy? Fulfilled? Accomplished? 

Just embrace that feeling. You made it; it is like a new push for you to achieve the next thing down the line. 

  1. Find inspiration.

Maybe, you have no idea how to make your dream room into something realistic or perhaps you do not have a specific vision in mind yet. Many people post their office set up on Pinterest and Instagram, and they are just absolutely amazing! Looking at these posts for inspiration can give you inspiration for your space makeover. Have you ever stared at a photo and wish that you were in that place? Well, let me tell you if they can make it happen, you can too! 

     5. Get some of your favourite styled storage boxes.

After finding some inspiration, it is time for you to replicate what you envision. You already have an idea of what you would want your space to look like. So here is how I would do it: 

What I envision myself working in my favourite office, I want to be in a space that is super clean where I know where things are. I want everything to match in terms of colours and even sizes. I do not wish to giant storage boxes, but something I can make use of in multiple ways. As a stationery lover, I know already that I need something to shelter my beautiful pens. I love a good pen organiziminima-basics-acrylic-desk-organizers-triong shelf, they are just simply gorgeous, and since they are vertical, they can save a lot more space. I also need somewhere I can place miscellaneous papers, small notebooks (A5, B5 notebooks), and some pens too. Oh, I cannot forget all those relevant documents like letters, invoices and so much more. I love those A4 file holders that can rearrange all those essential papers I would need to refer back to one day.

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