Feeling stuck in your business, how to find motivation?


We all face times where we feel unmotivated. Times where everything we do does not align with our business. Where everything seems off and we do not know what the next step is. The feeling is like burn out, but not burn out just yet, just feeling down. Does this sound like you? Well, I have been there, even without a business. When I had a lot on my plate, juggling between school, work and business there was a phase where I would just down to lay on my bed, do nothing and just forget about deadlines. But I overcame it one day and found ways to motivate myself.

Know your vision

Without a vision, you will not know what direction you will be headed. Create a vision of your own path and make sure that everything you do makes sense and is aligned with what you are supposed to do. Without a vision, you will struggle to accomplish anything. You will not be able to set goals that make you happy. It brings me to my next point that you need to ultimately set personal goals as well as professional goals.

Set goals

Without goals, you will not know what your next step is. I was lucky to have my business coach with me, to keep me accountable. She was there to remind me of my big project. She saw when I was falling behind in my work or not feeling very much like myself. This is why you need to set goals for yourself and goals for your business. What do you want to achieve the next few weeks? What is your plan? I also recently discovered that setting minimal goals would help me. Setting 3 goals a day will make me feel much more accomplished than 10 goals.

Break it down to baby steps

You have all of it laid out, but now what? Your goal is to launch your business, for example. You cannot simply launch it on the spot, you need to do a lot of behind the scenes work before achieving this big goal. This is where breaking down a big goal into smaller baby steps will make your life easier. How can I achieve those goals by setting the steps required to solve that big “problem”?

Brainstorm and journal

Brainstorming and journaling is just a good method to have your thoughts on paper. You will not believe how your mind can go running. Your instant creativity on paper will WOW you. If you have those big ideas, why not just write them down before you forget everything?

Create your daily to-do-list

Since you have everything down now, you can think of a way to give deadlines to your baby steps. You had everything laid out on a piece of paper, but you need to find the right time to do it. Our human brain functions better when we work through pressure or through deadlines unless you are a very disciplined person. I know myself and if I do not know what I have to do on that day, I will feel lost and procrastinate.

Rearrange your working space

We gotminima-basics-clean-desk all the foundation of knowing how to be motivated to continue your next big project, now it is time that you know how to rearrange your working space. It is all about mindset when it comes to being motivated. We need to rearrange the environment for it to feel good. It feels good, you feel good. Not only you will feel motivated, but great ideas will also come in flowing without you noticing. The power of minimalism is a lot more than just keeping a few things, but it is to keep things that are intentional and that has a purpose. If you do not know how to rearrange your working space, go check out my blog post for tips on how to do so. If you want to shop our collection on how to make your desk cleaner than ever, head over this page

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