Finding the inspiration you need to help your business thrive 


Looking for inspiration? It's funny how it goes missing when you need it the most. Being a girlboss and running a business is hard work day in and day out, so sometimes, what used to be a passion turns into a slog. What do you do when you're feeling tapped out and out of ideas? How do you get inspired, back in the groove, and ready to make a difference? 


Change your defaults. Sometimes the very act of breaking your routine can fire up some creative energy. Instead of running on auto-pilot, your brain has to plot new routes and new plans. Need a quick fix? Start by giving your desk an edit, clearing the clutter and streamlining your supplies. Organize your tools but keep them close at hand. A temporary workspace change can help as well. If you work from home, try a coffee shop. If you work at a coffee shop, try a coworking space. Get up, take a walk, clear your mind. Keep your momentum going and do a little brainstorming session for your business. You might be surprised at the new ideas that pop up.

Get back to your roots. Think about what got you excited about your business in the beginning. Maybe you saw a need that wasn't being met, or you wanted to shake things up in your own little way. Write out your mission and post it on your wall—a quick reminder of your purpose when you're trying to find your inspiration. 

Connect with your target.  You might think you have a pretty good handle on what makes your customers tick, but talking to them will often yield some unexpected insight that will help you see things in a different light. Even large, blue chips with established brands never stop doing market research. Talk to some trusted voices about what they think you're doing well, where they think you can improve, and what you should work on next. 

Look to the future. That awesome feeling you get from achieving a hard-earned goal?  Replicate that high by setting some small objectives to work towards. Meeting these goals can help snap you out of your funk and give you some much-needed momentum. Aim for quick wins when you need a mood boost - there is a time and place for more intense goal-setting, but it's not now.

Learn from the competition. Take a look at what a similar company is doing in the same space. How are they choosing to approach things? Are the choices you're making mindful and deliberate? For another approach, find a business that you admire (even if they're in a totally different field), and spend some time drilling down the reasons why you like what they're doing. Use what you learn as inspiration and find ways to adapt their methods to your own work.minima-blog-casual-essentials

Being in a rut isn’t forever—you’ll get through it. In the meantime, keep your mind open to new opportunities for your business to level up. Inspiration can strike at any time, so make a record of your ideas—even the crazy ones. You’ve got this!

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