Minima Basics desk essentials


What are the desk organizers made of?
The desk organizers are made of high quality acrylics. The reason behind acrylics is because it is made of the in between of glass and plastic. Glass is very luxurious, but fragile, while plastic is feeling cheap but durable. So, acrylics is the perfect in between!

What do I need to organize my desk?
At Minima Basics, you will get the minimal essentials that you will love to own! The first item we believe that anyone should get is the acrylic 3 slots A4 file holder because everyone has papers. You receive important documents through the mail and you need a place to store them, this is why the folder is the best!

The second item, we recommend would be the acrylic pen shelf organizer since you will always have pens, pencils, but you need a home for these!

Lastly, is the acrylic 2 drawer box, a multi functional drawer box for miscellaneous items (electronics, small notebooks, a big set of pens, highlighters and even to store makeup!).

What can I expect from Minima Basics?
You can expect from us the best quality, simplicity and helping you to avoid mess. However, if you have more questions, you may email us here or at info@minimabasics.ca for more information.


Minima basics desk organizers

How long does it take to process the order?
It takes 1-2 business days to process the order before shipping.
Do you ship to P.O.boxes?
Do you ship worldwide?
Sorry, we are currently only shipping in Canada and United States.
How much is shipping to my province?
You may check the estimate on this page.