Chic Office Supplies for the Female Entrepreneur

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It’s time to give your workspace some extra TLC and attention it deserves! School has already begun and COVID doesn’t seem to be ending any time soon. So what better excuse than to take this time to revamp and beautify your workspace to ensure maximum productivity? Bring out the chic office supplies and eye catching notebooks! Let’s talk about some of our favorites.

Keep Your Schedule With This Fancy Planner

How many of you use planners to schedule your days? At Minima Basics, we’re all about productivity. That’s why the moment we find anything that could potentially help us minimize the guesswork in our days and keep them organized, we won’t take a second to spend a few extra dollars for it. Right now, we’re totally crushing on this aesthetically pleasing planner. We’re completely obsessed! Why wouldn’t you want to write in a planner this good looking?

Style Your Desk With Our Beautiful Desk Organizers

There’s no way we could have written this post without talking about the newest addition to our acrylic desk collection in collaboration with Poi & Hun! Our acrylic pen and sticky notes organizer set was created for the busy boss babe who knows what she wants and how she wants to get it done. Keeping your sticky notes and writing utensils together in one easy go has never been more convenient. It features three dividers to easily store washi tapes, memo notes, or your everyday makeup products. It’s just the right amount of sophistication and practicality.

Enhance Your Writing Experience With These Stylish Pen Set

No one said having too many pretty pens was a crime. At best, writing in style can and will enhance your entire writing experience. So why not invest in some stylish pens to encourage you to jot down notes and have them beautifully displayed in your acrylic pen and sticky notes organizer set? This one’s our favorite.

Glass Is The New Dry Erase

Did someone say glass dry erase magnet board? It’s the new trend in today’s modern office environments. People are now starting to realize how nice of a touch it can add to any workspace compared to having the typical white ones. Just think of how modern your WFH office would look with a trendy new dry erase board? It’s the best way to have your goals written down in front of you and allow you to quickly jot downideas on the go. Get with the trend by getting your hands on this beautiful round 18” petal lane glass dry erase magnet board.

Peel & Stick Monthly Calendar

If glass dry erase boards aren’t your thing and you prefer a simple reusable peel & stick monthly calendar to help you track every event, plan and task with ease, check out this elegant marble-print calendar. If you’re so over marble and prefer to change things up to add a pop of color, take a look at this one.

How much more work would you be able to get done if you just spent a few extra dollars creating a beautiful and minimal workspace that’s perfectly well-suited to your liking? That being said, Minima Basics is celebrating its anniversary by having a 20% off site-wide sale for the whole month of October! Having a functional and practical workspace will not only keep you inspired but also help you stay focused and motivated at the same time. Since you’ll be spending most of your days there, why not spruce it up and invest into it to make it more of a haven rather than a drab?

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