How to stay motivated so you can create content consistently?


Do you ever feel that you lack ideas, lack of motivation, lack of productivity? This post is for you. Motivation depends on the environment you set yourself in. A lot of factors play in motivation such as organization, celebration and inspiration. Here are the top 4 tips on how to create a clutter-free, minimal work environment and habits.

  1. Create a minimal daily to-do-list.

    Ever heard that we should have everything planned out by the hours, down to the minutes? This is not a wrong strategy, but it is so overwhelming that you end up just being less satisfied with your productive day. You should always think of a way to optimize your day by choosing 3 small goals that you must achieve for that given day. This mindset will lead you to feel constantly satisfied, constantly feel accomplished and in return more motivated.

    Minimalism is not only applicable to a look, a lifestyle but having a small list, “declutter” your to-do-list will definitely help you achieve a lot more. I love the quote “less is more” because it is true with almost everything! 

  2. Celebrate your wins.

    Do not forget to celebrate. We all know that working a lot or working hard will bring us results. But, you should always take time to celebrate your wins. Even little wins such as “Oh I made my first sale” or “Oh, I finally launched my website”. Do not get too hooked on vanity metrics. It is all about you going forward to your process. You win every step of the path and that should be a big achievement. In return, you will always feel motivated to go forward. You will pass through roadblocks, but you will feel a lot happier and ideas will come flowing! 

  3. Clear your desk free of clutter 

    Like any of our blog posts, we recommend that an organized desk will make your motivation, your mood a lot more positive. Being able to make a minimal desk, you will feel a lot less depressed, a lot more space for your brain to think and a lot less noise to distract you. It is all about being able to think more in a restricted environment. All you need to make your desk free of clutter is our trio essential acrylic desk organizers. It includes the three most essential acrylic desk organizers: acrylic pen shelf organizer, acrylic 2 drawers storage box and acrylic 3 slots a4 file holder. We wrote a recent blog about what each of our products does. Go check it out!   

  4. Seek inspiration from a similar niche. 

    The last tip is to seek inspiration from people who does similar things as you do. Think of one of the entrepreneurs that you look up to, what do they do? Get inspired by their work and make a version of it. You do not have to reinvent the wheels, you just have taken something that is already out there, and makes it your own, add your own personality to it. Sometimes, we get unmotivated because we lack ideas, and this is why inspiration comes in. 

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