How to Work From Home Successfully

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While the curve does seem to be flattening slowly, it’s definitely still going to take some time before we can roam outside freely again. Until then, let’s make our time at home worth the while. You’ve probably realized by now how difficult it is to keep a consistent schedule being stuck at home 24/7. While working from home certainly has its perks, your environment can easily become a distraction if you’re not set up properly.

Here are a few tips we have on how to work from home successfully.

Create a morning routine

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Having a morning routine in place right when you wake up will help you set the mood for the entire day. Don’t be too ambitious either and expect to get into it right on the fly. It takes time and effort to develop habits, especially if you’re used to jumping right into work the moment you get up. We recommend powering your mindset through activities like meditation and journaling. Rehydrate your body with a glass of water, tea, eat a good breakfast, write down your goals for the day ... whatever helps you to function optimally. Remember, having a healthy mind and body is what will keep you productive throughout the rest of the day.

Have a dedicated ‘working area’

Minimal desk with acrylic desk organizer, plan, keyboard and pen holderCreate a unique space you can use for work purposes. If you don’t have the luxury of a big place, dedicate one spot in your home where you can work quietly with minimal distractions. If you already have a workspace, make sure it’s set up to enhance productivity and inspires you to get things done.

Get dressed 

They say that if you dress the part, you act the part. The way we dress directly influences the way we feel. And the way we feel affects our ability to get things done.      

The link between what we feel and wear is actually a scientific term called, enclothed cognition.’ To read more about it, check out this research study. It would be easy to dismiss this as shallow or silly but  if there’s a reason you’ve been feeling extra lazy these days, wearing PJs all day may be the culprit.hanger and sandals showing to get dressed properly

Minimize distractions & set boundaries

Something to keep in mind especially if you have other people living in your household is to make sure you’re setting up boundaries. Whether it be working in a separate room with a closed door, facing yourself towards the window or the wall, putting on some noise-canceling headphones, and telling your household member(s) to not disturb you unless you’re on break. Just these little things can make all the difference in helping you work from home effectively.

plants in the house can help focus and enhance productivity

Sooner or later, things will eventually get back to normal but until then these are just a few of the best practices we have for you. Minima Basics is here to provide you with the best acrylic desk organizers that will help make your work from home experience that much more pleasant. Don’t forget to subscribe to our e-mail list so we can continue to pop in from time to time and continue to provide you with tips and resources to help you stay productive!

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