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  • How to create an inspiring office or home workspace

    As an entrepreneur and student, it is important to create a workspace unique to your personality and work needs. If we were surrounded by inspiration, it can make a huge difference, even small changes matter! Since we are working for more than 50% of our waking hours, each element can make a difference and it is worth it to take the time and money to invest in our working space. 

  • What to do when you have procrastinated?

    You've vowed that you wouldn't do this again, but despite your efforts, things have gotten away from you, and now you're staring down a deadline with the clock ticking. If you're a born procrastinator, changing the way you work can be a challenge that takes a while to overcome. This makes an end of our series on procrastination. You can check it out in the last two blog posts! 


    1. How to overcome procrastination?

      Whether you've always known you’re a procrastinator or just recently come to terms with it, you're in good company. Procrastination is a very human tendency to get out of doing something unpleasant. But forget the fact that everyone's doing it. Go read more about this bi-weekly blog post, all about procrastination. This is Blog 2 of the series on procrastination. The first one was all about What is the Root of Procrastination

    2. What is the root cause of procrastination?

      If you've ever pulled three all-nighters in a week, if you're rushing to put the finishing touches on a slide deck minutes before you're due to present, if you're frantically putting a portfolio together while you're on the phone with a might be fair to wonder if you have a procrastination problem. Blog 1 of our series on procrastination!