Organizational Tips for Small Spaces

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Being quarantined at home for some time makes you begin to realize how much of an impact your surrounding environment can affect your well-being as well as your productivity. Even if you may not be living in a big home, there are ways on how to make small spaces look bigger. We’ve compiled 3 simple tips on how you can create the illusion of a bigger home regardless of how small your space may be.

Declutter Often

Visual clutter can be distracting and increase stress. When all surfaces are minima basics blogs photo acrylic desk organizer with glasses and plantclutter-free and tidy, it becomes a much more pleasant environment to work in. Having clutter around the house can take up tons of unnecessary space and can easily make your space seem much smaller than it actually is. The best way to combat this is to declutter as much as possible. Attempt to purge as often as once every three months. Doing so will allow you to create a bigger space while also allowing you to live more intentionally.

Opt For Minimalism and ‘White Space’

Not every inch of your home needs to be filled with something. This means getting rid of excess possessions that fill the same purpose and take up space for no reason. Allow yourself to become less distracted by giving your eyes (and your brain) a chance to rest. This means having one less thing in the room that inherently helps direct your attention to the things that matter and allows you to better stay focused. Keep your space as clean and minimal as possible to give it more ‘white space’ allowing your home more ‘room to breathe.’ The more space you give to your home the bigger it’ll look and feel.

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Keep Organized and Buy Things With Intention

Minimalism is living intentionally with only the things you need and using only the items that support your purpose. Creating the illusion of a bigger space also means keeping it as organized and clean as possible. Be choosy with all the things that come into your house and ask yourself every time you’re about to make a purchase whether or not it is a want or a need. Every object in your home should have their own designated spot. The most common items lying around the house often include clothes, pens, and loose papers. Keep your clothes in your closet or drawers, organize your writing utensils in pen organizers, and either throw out or digitally convert your loose papers where possible.

Minima Basics has a mission to help educate and inspire female entrepreneurs to feel less overwhelmed while working from home. We design organizational products always with intention in mind and sell beautiful acrylic desk organizers to help keep your home tidy, clutter-free, and have your small space feeling bigger than it actually is. We’re also excited to announce that we’ve been working very hard behind the scenes to come up with a new product to add to the bunch. Stay tuned for more details and make sure to sign up for our email list to be the first to know about it once we launch!

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