How to Stay Focused Working From Home

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It’s not always easy setting your own schedule and sticking with it when you’re an entrepreneur. Even though working from home may be no stranger to you, you’re now forced to stay in with no choice but to adapt to this new ‘normal’ and push yourself to figure out how to create an environment that both enhances your productivity and creates inspiration for you to thrive in.

Keep reading to learn more about how you can make the best use of your time and stay focused working from home.

Keep Yourself Active & Give Yourself A Mental Break

If you’re both mentally and physically drained, don’t expect to be able to stay focused on your work. Successful entrepreneurs do a great job of keeping themselves healthy. They not only train their brain but their body as well, making sure they’re fueling it with healthy vitamins and minerals. After all, how can you function at your best if you’re not mentally there? By staying active, having a healthy gut, and setting aside some time to decompress, you will find yourself working at 10x levels.

One way to push yourself in staying active is to exercise first thing in the morning. The earlier you get your workouts in, the less time you give yourself to make up excuses as to why you can’t get it done. We highly recommend Chloe Ting’s
free workout programs. They’re in the form of a challenge and will subconsciously motivate you to push through and complete it.

Schedule in Time For Every Single Task

We know how hard it is to keep yourself on the ball while also squeezing in time to stay active and making sure to take breaks. A great way to organize and motivate yourself is to schedule  every single task into your calendar.
If you make it a part of your schedule, there’ll be less 
of a  chance you’ll skip it.You’ll also develop some sort
of routine for your day to day.

Allot dedicated time frames for every task you  want to get  done throughout the day. It’s not  enough to simply have a to-do list but also  important to take into consideration how much  time each task could potentially take.

Quick tip: Don’t forget to factor in some breathing room
and schedule your breaks in-between tasks. Prioritize your tasks at a level of importance. Give yourself one main goal per day and focus on only that one task until it gets done then continue moving down your list.

Set Timers                                         

A popular way of staying focused and managing your time is using the Pomodoro technique. Traditionally, it is composed of 4 intervals with each interval being 25 minutes long followed by 5 minutes break. Each interval of time is known as a Pomodoro. It encourages you to focus on only one task and work with the time you have.   

The time frame you dedicate to every task is always going to take much longer than you think but the idea is by using this technique you will over time, begin to train your mind to avoid distractions. 

We hope these work from home productivity tips were useful. Figuring out how to stay focused and how to work from home is indeed a challenge to overcome but we assure you if you continue with these tips we shared, you’ll definitely be well on your way in mastering the art of working from home successfully.


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